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Migrants at Dungeness – British Birding

It has been windy in the East of England for the last few days, and with easterly winds in October usually comes a good variety of migrant birds. Over the previous few days I have had some interesting sightings in various parts of Kent but I have not come across migrants in any numbers so [...]


Birding Day at Oare Marshes – British Birding

On a day as pleasant as today it is hard to stay indoors so I jumped into the car and headed to Oare Marshes where there are always lots of birds. Today turned out to be a one with huge numbers of waders resting and feeding on the East flood with well over 1000 Black-tailed [...]


A Ringed Herring Gull – British Birding

This morning I was photographing gulls roosting on a field at Leysdown, Kent, attempting to get good images of the two Mediterranean Gulls that were among the flock, when a Herring Gull with a very bright orange leg ring caught my eye. I could not read the code on the colour ring through binoculars so [...]


Gulls Gorging on Fish: British Birding

I have taken advantage a few times recently of an area where gulls congregate to feed on discarded fish heads at the rear of a fish shop at Dungeness, on the Kent coast, but today there was a real feasting session with a large group of gulls devouring a large amount of fish heads and [...]


Shellness High Tide Wader Roost: British Birding

Much is said about the loss of mudflats which are used by waders to feed on and in some parts of the world the result has been catastrophic to wader populations, but less frequently discussed is the pressure on waders by the loss of high tide roost sites. These sites are often destroyed as part [...]


Birding in the Wind & Rain: British Birding

At the end of August many birds are already migrating and with southerly winds and rain forecast it seemed like it would be a good time to make another trip to Dungeness which is usually one of the best places in Kent to see migratory seabirds passing close to the shore. This time of year [...]


Black Stork at Dungeness: British Birding

It’s funny how one bird can completely change the way a day is going. After seeing several reports of interesting species at and close to Dungeness I set off to enjoy a sunny day with several species as targets. The first of these was Spoonbill which had been reported on several days at Scotney Gravel [...]

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