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King’s Projects – Thailand Birding

For all of us who love Thailand October 13th 2016 is a very sad day with the passing of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, aged 88. Apart from his steadying influence on Thailand, the way his activities most affected me were in the many Royal Projects that he initiated that are good places for birding. King Bhumibol [...]


Ringed Black-headed Gull – British Birding

Once again I made a visit to Leysdown, on the Isle of Sheppey, to photograph gulls and shorebirds having enjoyed seeing a juvenile Pallid Harrier at nearby Harty Marshes. In order to get gulls to come really close I bought a portion of chips at a nearby fish ‘n’ chips shop and parked the car [...]


A Ringed Herring Gull – British Birding

This morning I was photographing gulls roosting on a field at Leysdown, Kent, attempting to get good images of the two Mediterranean Gulls that were among the flock, when a Herring Gull with a very bright orange leg ring caught my eye. I could not read the code on the colour ring through binoculars so [...]


Bird Persecution Using Mist Nets: Thailand Birding

A couple of days ago on 20th May I was birding in the rice fields near Petchaburi, enjoying the spectacle of Weavers nesting. Baya Weaver colonies seem to be in every small tree, their complicated nests apparently in a constant state of construction, and plenty of small colonies of Asian Golden Weaver are in beds [...]


Nesting Bee-eaters in Cumbria: British Birding

For few weeks now the RSPB has given British birders the opportunity to watch European Bee-eaters nesting at a sand quarry near Brampton in Cumbria. Bee-eaters are a very rare breeding bird in UK and this, combined with their colourful plumage, has meant that many people have made the journey to northern England to see [...]


Growths on Legs & Feet of Birds

While bird watching at Ashdown Forest a few days ago I spent some time trying to get some good photos of some of the commoner birds occurring in woodlands. A Treecreeper kept me occupied and frustrated for some time until I noticed a male Chaffinch foraging close by in the leaf litter. I was able [...]


Reporting Ringed Birds – British Birding

A lovely sunny day prompted me to head to Dungeness on the coast of Kent this morning in the hope of seeing some terns and gulls at the water outlet of the nuclear power plant – “the patch”. Unfortunately there were very few birds at all there, just 20-30 Herring Gulls of varying ages and [...]

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