Gulls in Bridlington Harbour


Today, a brief shopping trip to Bridlington gave me some time to check out the birds in the harbour. With the tide in, and given the time of year, there were not too many species around; just large numbers of Herring Gulls of all ages. A single Lesser Black-backed Gull, a few Common Gulls and a lone Black-headed Gull provided at least a little variety and the only waders present were about twenty Ruddy Turnstones feeding on scraps left over from the day’s visitors.

Despite the lack of species it was interesting to sit and watch the gulls interact with each other and squabble over the food remains left lying around near the fast food outlets next to the harbour and it gave me plenty of opportunity to get some photos of them, with perfect light available and close-up views of the semi-tame birds.

Even with a very simple compact digital camera I was able to get a few nice photos of Herring Gulls, particularly when I tempted them to come closer with a few chips bought in a nearby shop! The following shot is one of the best ones I managed to get

Herring-gull-(Bridlington-0Adult Herring Gull – photo by Nick Upton

This particular bird is of the argenteus subspecies, which is the one normally found all around the UK. However, in winter I have sometimes seen birds of the nominate argentatus subspecies which breeds in Skandinavia and Russia. For those interested in gulls, Bridlington harbour is a good place to find rarer visitors to UK’s shores.

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