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A Morning at Sri Nakorn Kuen Khan – Thailand Birding

After a pleasant few days off from a hectic birding schedule spanning the last 4 months I decided to go to Sri Nakorn Kuen Khan  Park, near my home in Bangkok, to see if I could find any interesting passage migrants. In fact, March seems to be the peak time for Zappey’s Flycatcher in Thailand [...]


Migrant Watching at Sri Nakorn Kuen Khan Park: Thailand Birding

Each year I look forward to late March and April when I usually have time to make several visits to Sri Nakorn Kuen Khan Park, which is not far from where I live in Bangkok, in order to see which interesting passage migrants I can find. So far in 2015 I have made six visits [...]


A Morning at Suan Rot Fai: Thailand Birding

Yesterday morning I found myself with some free time in which I decided to head into town and visit Suan Rot Fai where a Hartert’s Leaf Warbler has been in residence for a few weeks. The information I had been given by others who had already seen the bird was that it had been occupying [...]


Last of the Migrants? – Thailand Birding

This morning I spent a few hours at Sri Nakorn Kuen Khan park to see if I could find some interesting migrant birds – there is always the chance of something really rare at this time of year.  Despite arriving early the heat and humidity was very uncomfortable from the beginning (7am) and there were [...]


Migrants in Bangkok’s Parks & Elsewhere: Thailand Birding

This morning I received a text message from Sukanya Thanombuddha telling me that she had found a male Narcissus Flycatcher at Sri Nakorn Kuen Khan park. over the last few weeks I have seen some interesting migrants at the same location including a female Narcissus Flycatcher, a male Yellow-rumped Flycatcher, Himalayan Cuckoo and Chestnut-winged Cuckoo. [...]


Birdwatching from the Roof: Thailand Birding

Yesterday afternoon I spent an hour and a half on the roof of my apartment block watching birds from this elevated position. The building has 9 floors and is located in Pracha Utid road, a busy part of Bangkok on the west side of the river. It is one of the highest buildings in the [...]


Black-collared Starling In Bangkok: Thailand Birding

Yesterday afternoon I spent an hour at Sri Nakorn Kuan Kan park in Bangkok. The humidity was quite uncomfortable and clear weather did not seem to be the right recipe for migrating birds to land with just a couple of Hair-crested Drongos, an Ashy Drongo, 1 Asian Brown Flycatcher and a Black-naped Oriole. However, for [...]

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