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Phylloscopus Warblers Passing Through Bangkok – Thailand Birding

I the morning of 11th October birding in Sri Nakorn Kuen Khan Park and although the weather was mostly gloomy with some heavy showers I saw exactly 50 species between 7 and 11,30am. I saw some of the regular, resident species which always amaze me that they occur this close to central Bangkok including Stork-billed [...]


Migration; Siberian Thrush – Thailand Birding

After weeks of overcast skies and stormy weather the forecast today was for clear skies. Considering that the clouds had made migrants extremely thin on the ground I wondered if things would be different with the change of weather and headed to Sri Nakorn Kuen Khan park this morning. As has often been the case [...]


Shorebird Heaven – Thailand Birding

As I will be heading back to Pak Thale & Laem Pak Bia for a few days tomorrow I thought I would process some of my photos from my last visit on 3-4th November. Of course for most birders viewing the critically endangered Spoon-billed Sandpiper is the top priority and I was successful on both [...]


Late October Migrants – Thailand Birding

I often spend a morning looking for migrants Sri Nakorn Kuen Khan Park during the Spring migration in March/April, when it can be very good birding, but have never visited during Autumn migration in September/October due to the fact that I am usually back in UK. This morning I had a chance to visit this [...]


Kaeng Krachan & Nearby Sites: Thailand Birding

I have just finished a week away birding at Kaeng Krachan National Park and some nearby sites where we found a lot of really superb birds even though conditions made birding really difficult most of the time. This visit coinciding with migration there were a good number of scarce migrant species including many species of [...]


A Morning at Sri Nakorn Kuen Khan – Thailand Birding

After a pleasant few days off from a hectic birding schedule spanning the last 4 months I decided to go to Sri Nakorn Kuen Khan ┬áPark, near my home in Bangkok, to see if I could find any interesting passage migrants. In fact, March seems to be the peak time for Zappey’s Flycatcher in Thailand [...]


Migrant Watching at Sri Nakorn Kuen Khan Park: Thailand Birding

Each year I look forward to late March and April when I usually have time to make several visits to Sri Nakorn Kuen Khan Park, which is not far from where I live in Bangkok, in order to see which interesting passage migrants I can find. So far in 2015 I have made six visits [...]

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