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Butterflies at Kaeng Krachan

Kaeng Krachan national park is well-known for its birdlife but it is also a fantastic place to find a huge variety of butterflies. At certain times of the year, during the wet season for example, it is worth staying out on the trails all day to find birds; things slow down during the middle of [...]

Thailand Birding: Some Photos from the South

On my trip to Southern Thailand I took a number of photographs to add to the relevant pages of As I also visited a few new places I took photographs for upcoming pages on those locations too, but for the meantime I will post the photos here for people to view. Photos from Krabi [...]

Butterflies at Bueng Boraphet

During a 2-day trip to Bueng Boraphet the sun came out of the clouds for few hours which brought on quite a bit of butterfly activity. Getting photos of them was not an easy task but with such an abundance of butterflies I eventually managed to get some decent shots.      butterflies, insects, thailand, [...]

Thailand Birding: The Jeep Track at Km 37.5, Doi Inthanon

Doi Inthanon is one of the best birdwatching locations in Thailand with a variety of habitats that makes for a wide range of bird species with one of the biggest checklists of any national park in Thailand. The well known jeep track at kilometre 37.5 is one of the best spots on the mountain for finding [...]


Some Butterflies of Thailand

I have recently returned from a trip which took me to Kaeng Krachan and Chiang Mai, which explains why I have not written recently. There will be a couple of trip reports and other notes to follow but for now I have a couple of galleries of butterflies to display. Photographing butterflies in the wet [...]

Shells from Hat Chao Samran

Whilst lazing around on the beach last week at Hat Chao Samran I decided to expand my skills as a naturalist and go shell collecting! The only issue constraining this self-improvement is my complete lack of any book to help me identify what I found. Quite an amazing variety of shells were easily found on [...]



Sometimes it is nice to broaden ones appreciation of nature; it is all too easy to become too focused on birding in Thailand with so many species to find; so whilst counting waterbirds at Muang Boran Fishponds on Saturday I found some time to try some photos of the dragonflies and damselflies that are so [...]

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