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Tangkoko Delights – Birding Indonesia

With comfortable accommodation, good food and a reputation for great birds the leg of our trip that took us to Tangkoko, North Sulawesi, was much anticipated by the Zootherabirding group earlier this month. While the weather was not exactly how we imagined it, with lots of rain, we still managed, with local assistance, to find [...]


Ancient Birds of Angkor: Birding in Cambodia

Recently I had an email asking me if I noticed many representations of birds around the temples of Angkor during my visit there last March while leading the Zootherabirding tour to Cambodia. A photo I posted previously on this blog of Sarus Cranes – Birding Around Angkor Wat –  on a bas-relief on the Bayon [...]


North & Central Thailand Tour, February 2016 – Thailand Birding

For the last seventeen days I have been in the company of Nick Bray of Zootherabirding, on the 2016 Northern and Central Thailand birding tour. This year we saw over 470 species in the 17 days of the trip with another 5 leader-seen-only and 10 heard only species recorded despite some unusual weather conditions resulting [...]


Mammals at Lung Sin Waterhole

The Lung Sin waterhole at Kaeng Krachan national park is a great spot to see and photograph many species of birds that visit to feed, drink and bathe but it is also worth talking about the species of mammals which are regular visitors too. I recently spent an afternoon at the Lung Sin waterhole with [...]


Photographing Insects In The Heat Of The Day

Recently bird activity has been at its lowest that I can remember during the dry season, making for some frustrating times looking for birds. I think that this is mostly due to the strange weather patterns that have produced late rain and hotter temperatures than normal and which are now followed by wind; these weather [...]


British Butterflies

One thing I have noticed over the last few weeks in the UK is how many butterflies are around. A walk around farmland and nature reserves seems to reveal a plentiful supply of butterflies of a variety of species. A few years ago the EU changed agricultural subsidies so that they would only paid if [...]

Butterflies at Khao Soi Dao

At the end of April 2009 I spent a few days at Khao Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary in Chantaburi province. I was hoping to see any of the specialities of the site: Eastern Green Magpie, Blue-rumped Pitta, Siamese Partridge and Rufous-throated Fulvetta. Unhappily I failed to get even a sniff of any of these birds [...]

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