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Doi Lang in November – Thailand Birding

Doi Lang is definitely one of the best birding sites in Northern Thailand, probably THE best single site in fact hosting most of the county’s high altitude birds and being the only known site for several species. Most birders visit the mountain between January and mid March when there are many active photographic stakeouts but [...]


Northern Thailand – Thailand Birding

I have just returned home having led the Zootherabirding North & Central Thailand trip which was a great success in terms of both numbers and quality of birds. As usual the North provided us with a lot of good birding, nice flocks, colourful birds and wonderful photo opportunities with a long list of highlights including [...]


Photographic Report From a Recent Trip: Northern Thailand – Thailand Birding

After a 15 day trip with just two of us armed with cameras I now have an enormous amount of photos to wade through. I recently finished a 15 day trip with Nick Robinson who has set himself a quest to photograph all of the world’s Leaf Warblers, a tricky task given not only the [...]


North & Central Thailand Tour, February 2016 – Thailand Birding

For the last seventeen days I have been in the company of Nick Bray of Zootherabirding, on the 2016 Northern and Central Thailand birding tour. This year we saw over 470 species in the 17 days of the trip with another 5 leader-seen-only and 10 heard only species recorded despite some unusual weather conditions resulting [...]


Watching Rusty-naped Pitta: Thailand Birding

Pittas are one of the most sought-after group of birds in Thailand as well as one of the hardest to observe so it is always a special experience to see any of the species that occur here. Of all the Pittas in Thailand, Rusty-naped is one of the hardest to see when bird watching in [...]


Baikal Bush Warbler Abundance: Thailand Birding

Bush Warblers are a group of birds that are extremely difficult to observe on their wintering grounds even when they are abundant and few people manage many/any observations of these birds when visiting Thailand. Baikal Bush Warbler was split from Spotted Bush Warbler some years ago and range maps for this taxon show that it [...]


A Successful Birding Tour: Thailand Birding

From 11th January to 4th February 2014 I spent time with Nick Bray and his Zoothera group on a birding tour of central and northern Thailand. We all have high hopes when starting a birding trip but all those who have been bird watching for some time will know that it is not always easy [...]

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