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Doi Lang Photography Stakeouts – Thailand Birding

I have written a number of times about the photographic stakeouts at Doi Lang but my recent visit on 1st-3rd January resulted in a large number of excellent sightings worth mentioning here for others who may be planning to visit the mountain themselves. The first thing to mention is that if one is heading up [...]


Doi Lang Bird Photography – Thailand Birding

Last year opportunities for photographing birds at Doi Lang were spectacular with a number of stakeouts created by local birders where birds were fed with mealworms in order to lure them out into photographable situations. Recent visits to Doi Lang have revealed that a number of signposts have been placed by national park authorities requesting [...]


Thailand Birding: White Wagtail Census

Anyone who has been in the Tapae Gate area of Chiang Mai at dusk, at the right time of the year, will have seen large numbers of White Wagtails coming in to roost as it becomes dark. I have never had the time to hang around and count how many birds arrive or to see [...]

Spot-breasted Laughingthrush

Doi Lang: Thailand Birding

I have just spent three days at Doi Lang in Chiang Mai province and thought others would like to know of some of the amazing sightings from the location. Now that the breach in the road has been repaired and that the mountain is accessible from Fang, there is even better birding on the mountain [...]

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