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North & Central Thailand Tour, February 2016 – Thailand Birding

For the last seventeen days I have been in the company of Nick Bray of Zootherabirding, on the 2016 Northern and Central Thailand birding tour. This year we saw over 470 species in the 17 days of the trip with another 5 leader-seen-only and 10 heard only species recorded despite some unusual weather conditions resulting [...]


Rainy Season Birding; Khao Yai – Thailand Birding

The rainy season this year should perhaps be renamed the “grey skies & windy season” after the experience of the last few days birding at Khao Yai. However, there were some sunny spells and the weather certainly did not stop us from finding some great birds, although it took a fair amount of patience from [...]


Searching for Short-tailed Parrotbill at Pu Suan Sai National Park: Thailand Birding

Short-tailed Parrotbill is a species which, in Thailand, is restricted to a small corner of the country with the most sightings being made at Pu Suan Sai National Park in Loei province. I made one short trip there a few years ago and was unsuccessful in my search for the Parrotbill although many others have [...]


Khao Yai Visit; Thailand Birding

Khao Yai national park has long been a favourite place for birders to visit, but birding there can be a bit hit and miss; at its best there can be plenty of sightings of colourful and enigmatic forest species; on other days it can be hard to see anything much at all, particularly with the [...]


A Successful Birding Tour: Thailand Birding

From 11th January to 4th February 2014 I spent time with Nick Bray and his Zoothera group on a birding tour of central and northern Thailand. We all have high hopes when starting a birding trip but all those who have been bird watching for some time will know that it is not always easy [...]

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