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Leica Telescope Repair

Last week I traveled up to Ryston, near Ely, to get my birding ‘scope repaired and yesterday I gave it a proper test at Oare Marshes, Kent, getting wonderfully clear views of both Long-billed Dowitcher and Bonaparte’s Gull. I would like to give a huge thanks to Gary Hawkins of East Coast Binocular Repairs for [...]

Gulls of Europe, Asia and North America by Klaus Malling Olsen & Hans Larsson

Having recently discussed the addition of Slaty-backed Gull to the Thai list, it seems only natural to talk about this excellent book which attempts to deal with all the races of large gulls that have caused so much confusion over recent years, as well as all the other, more well-understood gull species. A large book, [...]


Audubon Cuddly Birds

A short time ago I wrote about the brilliant RSPB singing birds. Today I came across very similar products from the National Audubon Society for sale on therainforestsite. Once again these cuddly toys, of American bird species, make an accurate call when squeezed, making an excellent gift for birdwatchers or a great way of recruiting [...]


RSPB singing birds

For some time I have been amused by the RSPB’s singing bird cuddly toys, although the only one I have is the Lapwing. For those that haven’t seen them, there is an ever increasing range of species available, with many colourful and charismatic ones already created. When the toys are squeezed they utter a very [...]


101 Ways to Help Birds

Most birdwatchers would like to help birds, but many people don’t go beyond feeding them in their back garden. Garden bird feeding is great, but for serious bird lovers there are lots of things that can be done to help birds.People who have gardens have a great resource that they can manage for birds and [...]

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