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Beach Thick-knee Close Up – Thailand Birding

Last month I made two short visits to Southern Thailand where a long-staying Beach Thick-knee had been repeatedly seen at Laem Pakarang in Phang Nga province. Both of my trips took me to this site after some birding in the mangroves and on both occasions I was lucky enough to see this weird and wonderful [...]


Oriental Plover at Pranburi – Thailand Birding

Last night I was driving home from Southern Thailand and as it got dark I decided to spend the night somewhere before continuing the journey the next day. As I was close to Hua Hin I thought I would find somewhere to stay near Pranburi Forest park and check the location for passage migrants the [...]


Phang Nga Mangroves – Thailand Birding

Over the last few months I have made several visits to two mangrove sites in Phang Nga province; Ao Phang Nga National Park HQ and Ban Bang Phut.  On both occasions the birding has been very rewarding and I have been able to find most of the species that occur in this habitat quite quickly, getting [...]


Bala Wildlife Sanctuary Wet Season Birding: Thailand Birding

I recently spent 4 nights at the Bala sector of Hala-Bala Wildlife Sanctuary in Narathiwat province on the Thai-Malaysia border. This is probably the best birding site in Southern Thailand but I have made very few visits due to the long distance from Bangkok, where I live, and the ongoing violence in the area that [...]


Laem Pakarang Shorebirds: Thailand Birding

One of the locations I visited on my recent trip to Southern Thailand was Laem Pakarang in Phang Nga province. This is one of the south’s most visited shorebird sites and makes a nice stop when driving between Phang Nga Bay  and Sri Phang Nga national parks. I stopped there in the late afternoon of [...]


Mangrove Birding: Birding in Thailand

Mangroves can be a very tough environment for birding in due to the low density of birds, low number of species and the often fragmented habitat with limited access. However, over the last week I have visited a couple of areas of mangroves in Southern Thailand where the birding has been surprisingly good and I [...]


Sanderlings Feeding & Rhynchokinesis – Thailand Birding

A few days ago I visited Pranburi Forest Park in Prachuab Kiri Khan province for a few hours in the afternoon. There was not a lot to be seen in the mangroves and the coastal woodland, just a single Forest Wagtail, some Malaysian Pied Fantails, an Indian Roller and a few Golden-bellied Gerygones. However, on [...]

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