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Great Birding at Kaeng Krachan – Thailand Birding

A few days ago I spent three days birding at Kaeng Krachan with a group of visiting birders from UK and it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable and productive visits to this national park that I have had in a very long time. In contrast to a visit last week, when [...]


North & Central Thailand Tour, February 2016 – Thailand Birding

For the last seventeen days I have been in the company of Nick Bray of Zootherabirding, on the 2016 Northern and Central Thailand birding tour. This year we saw over 470 species in the 17 days of the trip with another 5 leader-seen-only and 10 heard only species recorded despite some unusual weather conditions resulting [...]


Birding in Petchaburi Province: Thailand Birding

I sometimes wonder where the best place to live in Thailand is in terms of the potential for the best birding. Chiang Mai is an obvious candidate with a wide variety of forest types and wetlands but my recent 6 day trip in Petchaburi with a group of birders from South Wales produced a wide [...]


Mammals at Lung Sin Waterhole

The Lung Sin waterhole at Kaeng Krachan national park is a great spot to see and photograph many species of birds that visit to feed, drink and bathe but it is also worth talking about the species of mammals which are regular visitors too. I recently spent an afternoon at the Lung Sin waterhole with [...]


Lung Sin Waterhole in June: Thailand Birding

Lung Sin Waterhole and other similar sites, near Kaeng Krachan National Park, are well known for the number and variety of birds that visit them in order to bathe and drink, offering many fantastic photo opportunities of common and scarce birds. These waterholes tend to be at their best in the driest of weather, usually [...]


Rainy Season Birding; Kaeng Krachan – Thailand Birding

Pittas are perhaps the most sought-after group of birds in Thailand by visiting and resident birders alike. Their combination of intricate plumage and difficulty to see make them very desirable but they are at their easiest to see in the wet season, when they are breeding, and at a time when few birders visit Thailand. [...]


Some Great Birding at Kaeng Krachan: Thailand Birding

Over the last month I have made several visits to Kaeng Krachan National Park where the birding has been getting better and better and I have found many colourful resident species consistently; 6 species of Broadbill on each of my last three visits has been particularly enjoyable and something that is practically impossible to achieve [...]

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